Top 10 Everyday Uses of Biotechnology

Although the term biotechnology has had many heads turn over the past few years, its existence goes a long way back. You can find the uses of biotechnology in many fields and the fact that it is nothing new is even more interesting to find out the numerous uses it has. Here is a look at the ten most important and common uses of biotechnology in our lives.

  1. Food – You cannot live without food. From grafting to hybrid varieties to genetically modified (GM) crops, biotechnology has changed the face of the food industry.
  2. Drinks – Be it wines, beer or any alcohol, the basic principle involved in their creation is fermentation using the right enzyme. If not for biotechnology, we would not be relishing these drinks now.
  3. Grocery – In addition to food, our lives come in contact with many different household goods including detergents, soaps, shampoos, cosmetics, etc. With increased dependence on natural and biodegradable products that are biologically safe, biotechnology plays an important role here.
  4. Personal Care – Biotechnology has also pitched in a lot towards personal care products such as sanitary napkins, baby products, nappies, etc.
  5. Textiles – Biotechnology is also known for playing a crucial role in creating fabrics of varied colors and textures. If not for synthetic dyes, polyesters, and biochemical tanning agents, our wardrobes would all probably look very much similar.
  6. Healthcare – There is no surprise to the fact how much biotechnology has contributed much to the healthcare industry. Right from pharmaceuticals, drugs, and innovative treatments, biotechnology has improved health in many ways. Check out Ouchclub for the latest news regarding the uses of biotechnology in healthcare.
  7. Packaging Materials – In a world where the ban on plastics is increasing, we are currently looking for alternatives and one such good option are bioplastics that are made from biopolymers. Hence, if not for biotechnology, safe packaging would not be possible.
  8. Fuel – With the depletion of the non-renewable resources, it is only feasible to continue living according to the present standards if we look for alternative sources of energy that does not deplete any further resources or cause additional pollution. Hence, if biotechnology had not introduced the concept of biodiesels, we will soon have to depend on horsebacks and bullock carts soon.
  9. Chemicals – Biotechnology has contributed to the creation of safer chemicals such as biodegradable fertilizers, natural compost, biogas, etc.
  10. Heating & Cooling Systems – Biotechnology has also contributed towards efficient systems of home or office heating and cooling systems with the help of bio-refineries, biofuels, methane gas, etc.