The Influence of Technology on Social Media

The social media have indeed turned the world into a global village where different persons – irrespective of location – interact regularly. But this feat wouldn’t have been possible without the impact of technology. Right from the internet down to the availability of an ample of smart devices; the influence of technology is now very obvious for all to see and embrace.

Furthermore, connectivity to the different social media platforms have been enhanced due to the advancement in the technologies that make the internet access possible. Top speed connections which can be achieved through hotspots, mobile broadband and so on have made the experience worthwhile. Just imagine how frustrating connecting with social media would have been if it was only analog telephone lines or Local Area Networks (LAN) connections we have at hand.

So, it could be said that the influence of technology is wrapped in functionality, speed and handy nature of devices and connections that allow us to go [and stay] online while we are on the move. You can log on to several social platforms – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or what have you – as you are on the go.

Where is technology taking social media?

Technology has already brought social media far but it is yet unseen how much of an impact it would create in the years ahead. However, prospectively, we can get to imagine what it would look like. Imagine, having a voice activated entry and moderation of your Facebook or WhatsApp page? We will surely love to see software developers as well as technologists incorporate Artificial Intelligence into the operation of social media. And there’s surely more to come in respect to connectivity even as technologies like optical fiber, WiMAX and the likes are taking over the airwaves. With all these, the stage is set for a blossoming social media experience except one fails to engage the available technologies. For instance; having YouTube zu wenig views will not be down to the lack of technology but maybe due to the lack of will on one’s part.