Here’s How You Can See and Delete Your Google Search History

Increasing dependency on the search engines for procuring and finding, the information we need has made us vulnerable in many ways. There are times when we feel numb without the smartphones, the GPS, the apps and of course other social media. Imagine Google that is synonymous with our life, stores every word we type in the search engines. The fear of personal information being stored, shared and marketed haunts many of us, and we feel exposed. Best way people realized is to restrict the online exposure and proactively safeguard the information.

  • minimizing the ways were marketing people use your profile or other data to advertise their products is one way to reduce online presence and giving out contact numbers and e-mail addresses while browsing
  • delete your browser history while accessing the Google search engine, mind it even if you use the incognito web, you cannot be completely anonymous, hence keep a tab on your browser history
  • you cannot imagine that other search engines that might not be as popular as Google, do not share online information though they are less known, you can find more information here with new standard for online privacy and data sharing
  • map activity, location and other whereabouts of you is right up there in the search engine history, delete them frequently to avoid the location being picked up
  • the stop saving activity in the Google privacy settings will avoid the online activity, and the passwords so that you can re-login

Saved passwords, and previous history will be completely wiped off once you choose the activity control from your computers, hence remember to save your important information safely for future access. As the trust factor is slowly diminishing, major search engine and social media giants are doing their bit to clear off the history and not add in more data junk.…