Five Ways Technology Is Changing Event Planning

Event management is a profitable field. People love to throw lavish parties and make the whole event fun and engaging for the guests. But then people do not have the time to organize the whole event. Also finding the professionals for each area like the decorations, catering and more gets a bit tedious. This is where event planners come into the picture. Event planning is a field that has evolved leaps and bounds in the recent years. But technology is now changing the way event planning works and is making it even better. The result is that it is making the whole process simpler for the event planner and also helps them create the exact results as required by each customer. Today right from a simple task like finding a cheap gucci wallet to the organization of a large event, everything can be done from your home.

Whether it is to plan a casual party for a family or for planning and organizing a technical event or a formal event like conferences, event planning process can be revolutionized with the use of technology.

  1. VR for finding the best venue

Planners can now inspect the venue choices through VR tech without physically visiting each venue.

  1. Security measures

Security measures can be tightened by using facial recognition. This can help track the faces in the venue to identify any person who is not on the guest list.

  1. Better interactions at the event

Interactions at the events especially ones like conferences can be made better by providing a tablet for the audience to post their questions.

  1. Chatbots for providing a walkthrough

Right from providing the agenda to giving a brief about the conference or even for quick notes and questions chatbots could be used.

  1. Translators and interpreters

Live translation can be done in real time with the help of a translation service. These could be integrated into an app where the participants can listen to the audio in a language of their choice.…