Future Sailors: What Ships Will Look Like in 30 Years

More than 2% global carbon dioxide emissions come from international shipping. In the 2015 Paris agreement for the cause of fighting climate change, the International Maritime Organization was granted the control of the shipping industry’s emissions. The background of the shipping industry is changing rapidly and in the next 30 years, ships are expected to look completely different than they do now.

Newer Designs

The goals are to get rid of fossil fuel and create completely new designs of ships that will survive the future and protect the environment. Eco Marine Power, a Japanese company has designed The Aquarius Ecoship, which is powered by solar panels and a phalanx of rigid sails. According to the designers of the ship, even though the need for using fossil fuel cannot be completely avoided even with the use of large batteries saving the wind and solar energy, a backup power source is required. But it would be cutting down emissions by at least 40%.

Retrofitting existing ships

To change the industry more quickly, the already existing ships could be quickly transformed by retrofitting it with newer technology to cut down on fuel use. Simply fitting ships with a bulbous extension is enough to reduce enough drag to cut down emissions by at least 2-7%.

Air lubrication can be used to pump compressed air under the hull to create a carpet of bubbles, which also reduces drag and cut emissions down by at least 3%. Replacing one of the propellers with two rotating in opposite to each other has potential energy gain of 8 to 15%. You can read more at 4yacht.com.

Hydrogen fueled ships

The Super Eco Ship 2030 is designed to utilize hydrogen for powering it’s fuel cells. Additionally, it will be powered by solar panels and is estimated to cut emissions by 70%.…