Future Sailors: What Ships Will Look Like in 30 Years

More than 2% global carbon dioxide emissions come from international shipping. In the 2015 Paris agreement for the cause of fighting climate change, the International Maritime Organization was granted the control of the shipping industry’s emissions. The background of the shipping industry is changing rapidly and in the next 30 years, ships are expected to look completely different than they do now.

Newer Designs

The goals are to get rid of fossil fuel and create completely new designs of ships that will survive the future and protect the environment. Eco Marine Power, a Japanese company has designed The Aquarius Ecoship, which is powered by solar panels and a phalanx of rigid sails. According to the designers of the ship, even though the need for using fossil fuel cannot be completely avoided even with the use of large batteries saving the wind and solar energy, a backup power source is required. But it would be cutting down emissions by at least 40%.

Retrofitting existing ships

To change the industry more quickly, the already existing ships could be quickly transformed by retrofitting it with newer technology to cut down on fuel use. Simply fitting ships with a bulbous extension is enough to reduce enough drag to cut down emissions by at least 2-7%.

Air lubrication can be used to pump compressed air under the hull to create a carpet of bubbles, which also reduces drag and cut emissions down by at least 3%. Replacing one of the propellers with two rotating in opposite to each other has potential energy gain of 8 to 15%. You can read more at 4yacht.com.

Hydrogen fueled ships

The Super Eco Ship 2030 is designed to utilize hydrogen for powering it’s fuel cells. Additionally, it will be powered by solar panels and is estimated to cut emissions by 70%.…

6 Tips to Stay on Top of Emerging Technology Trends

Emerging trends have shaped a more creative world. It has been improving in many ways and has created a lot of sensation in all aspects of life in terms of its products. This will enable many people in increasing the standards of living. This is considered important as it makes life valuable and interesting. Let us see some of the best in some detail.

  1. Signing up for new features in the majority of the sites will help us to receive notifications instantly in order to search and know more about it in detail. Message alerts and notices in terms of announcements from online clouds assist us more.

  1. Research reports are made by intellectual minds with a more detailed explanation on the working procedure. We can get updated based on these reports occasionally.

  1. We have many smart applications that can help us receive instant notifications regularly.

  1. Open source technologies is a good platform to know more about emerging technologies as it enables varied opportunities for us.

  1. We can create a group of such people and each person can check one topic at a time and research to share. A social media group can be well maintained for such purposes. Hostgator is a dedicated hosting platform for the purpose of reaching efficiently to many people in this world. Learn more about www.trulycoin.com.

  1. Reminder cards are a good concept. We can keep many different cards in all concepts and mark any new product on that specific card to keep it noted.

Life is getting more advanced and trending day by day. It is important that we get updated and knowledgeable so that we can make use of the best in a short span of time instead of searching the world over and enquiring about it to other communities.

Why I Switched to Hostgator Dedicated Hosting From Godaddy Dedicated Hosting Plan

What is Dedicated Hosting?

Dedicated hosting is a hosting configuration in which a server belongs to a single organization or focused for a single purpose. The best example is of a website. The concept of Dedicated Hosting totally contradicts the concept of shared hosting, in which a server plays a host to multiple clients. A dedicated hosting service can be sometimes referred to as a dedicated server and it can be set up in-house or externally as a service from within a data center. Some of the benefits of Dedicated Hosting are Uptime, security, customization, congestion and support.


HostGator was founded in 2002, and now is one of the largest web hosts with a number of dedicated server hosting. With update hardware which includes Intel Xeon Quadcore processors and RAM, HostGator gives you an experience of great performance, quality service and competitive money.

HostGator is one of the few hosting company which offers a managed support and a Windows-based operating system. HostGator proves to be beneficial for those who want a buzz free ASP.NET support. Also Hostgator provides 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Dedicating Hosting users should appreciate the progress made by Hostgator in terms of their network and datacenter. Also, for dedicated server account HostGator offers several unique IP addresses. Lastly HostGator has an amazing support network and customer service which is 24/7 open for the customers. You can communicate to the company via phone, chat, or email. While collaborating the support with plenty of power, HostGator proves to be a better and decent option for a dedicated server host.

Salient features:

  • It provides Linux or Windows as servers.
  • It has Grand network.
  • Provides Cash back guarantee
  • The total Disk space is 500 GB- 1 TB RAID
  • Also the Domain name is free for one year.




GoDaddy offer plans for Linux and Windows users, with various options regarding operating systems, RAM, processing power, disk space and hardware choices. GoDaddy dedicated server hosting plans casts managed support options, resources that are yours and the control of cPanel.

GoDaddy support keeps an eye on your server statys not only available around the clock to help you troubleshoot issues with your server but they’re keeping an eye on your server status. They offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee which helps keeping your site online and running speedily. They also provide you with various security services like DDoS protection and anti hacking service. GoDaddy experts facilitate their customers with security patches, bug fixers and backups. In short, customer service is the element they are considering to improve in their offerings.

GoDaddy offers you with customized configurations to meet your demands. Also they offer dedicating server hosting that can help you with growing your business. You can get a free domain name if you start with a twelve month plan. GoDaddy customer service is available 24/7/365, which helps in protecting your site against cyber hackers, unexpected downtime.  Also their support agents handle any support ticket request that comes through chat portal and email system. GoDaddy provides hosting services which are worth of consideration.

Both HostGator and GoDaddy hosting provides best services although HostGator has proved to be more trustworthy when compared to GoDaddy. Amount of space and server connection with total speed is far better of HostGator when compared to GoDaddy. Although the opinion regarding which company stands to be the best varies from people to people.
Salient features are:

  • “Ready NOW” dedicated resources
  • Self- managed plans, semi-managed plans and fully-managed plans available
  • Maximum performance and Data protection and Maximum performance skills
  • Total administrative control with Root access
  • Advanced and organized control panel
  • It also provides Disaster recovery
  • Total Money Back Guarantee within 30 days
  • Total Disk Space provided is of 512 GB- 2TB
  • The Domain Name is Free

5 Ways To Use A Flashlight For Self-Defense

Well, you must have heard of pepper spray to the rescue or use of safety pins for help. The thing about pepper spray, safety pins, or similar items is that they are naturally powered by an ability to cause pain to your attacker. All you need to do is carry one of these in your handbag.

However, it is not only the women who are prey to attackers. These days, even men are prone to attacks while being mugged or acting as a witness and surely it is impossible for men to carry a pepper spray or a safety pin along with them. There is a better solution to this problem.

Have you ever considered carrying a flashlight along with you? It is of dual purpose. One is the obvious use as a light source. However, the interesting alternative use is that these can be used for self-defense. Although people underestimate the use of a flashlight, here is how flashlights are useful in this regard. Not just any flashlight but a good and powerful tactical flashlight is what will help you in your self-defense.

  1. It is helpful in identifying potential threats – In most cases, your attacker is going to attack you at night when there is no light, which makes it difficult for you to even understand from where you are being attacked. A good bright flashlight will help you identify your threat in low-lights, thereby eliminating the threat.
  2. It can be used to send SOS signals – Flashlights can also be used to send out SOS (save our souls) signals in times of distress. All you need to do is send out three short flashes, three long flashes, and three short flashes again.
  3. It helps to disorient your attackers at least momentarily – What happens when someone flashes a bright light on you all of sudden? Not just an attacker but even for you for that matter will feel a bit disoriented. Thus, it proves to be a useful strategy in self-defense.
  4. It acts as an improvised weapon – Some of the new tactical flashlights are mounted on a weapon-like tool that comes handy in cases of an emergency such as a device to strike your attackers down during an attack.
  5. It can be used for direct attacks – The last option is that you can simply use your flashlight to take a punch, hit your attacker, or use the sharper edge to stab your attacker.

So next time you ask yourself this question – “Should I upgrade my headlamps?” Then do not think twice, just do it as these will come in need at times you might not even imagine.…

The Influence of Technology on Social Media

The social media have indeed turned the world into a global village where different persons – irrespective of location – interact regularly. But this feat wouldn’t have been possible without the impact of technology. Right from the internet down to the availability of an ample of smart devices; the influence of technology is now very obvious for all to see and embrace.

Furthermore, connectivity to the different social media platforms have been enhanced due to the advancement in the technologies that make the internet access possible. Top speed connections which can be achieved through hotspots, mobile broadband and so on have made the experience worthwhile. Just imagine how frustrating connecting with social media would have been if it was only analog telephone lines or Local Area Networks (LAN) connections we have at hand.

So, it could be said that the influence of technology is wrapped in functionality, speed and handy nature of devices and connections that allow us to go [and stay] online while we are on the move. You can log on to several social platforms – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or what have you – as you are on the go.

Where is technology taking social media?

Technology has already brought social media far but it is yet unseen how much of an impact it would create in the years ahead. However, prospectively, we can get to imagine what it would look like. Imagine, having a voice activated entry and moderation of your Facebook or WhatsApp page? We will surely love to see software developers as well as technologists incorporate Artificial Intelligence into the operation of social media. And there’s surely more to come in respect to connectivity even as technologies like optical fiber, WiMAX and the likes are taking over the airwaves. With all these, the stage is set for a blossoming social media experience except one fails to engage the available technologies. For instance; having YouTube zu wenig views will not be down to the lack of technology but maybe due to the lack of will on one’s part.…