5 Ways To Use A Flashlight For Self-Defense

Well, you must have heard of pepper spray to the rescue or use of safety pins for help. The thing about pepper spray, safety pins, or similar items is that they are naturally powered by an ability to cause pain to your attacker. All you need to do is carry one of these in your handbag.

However, it is not only the women who are prey to attackers. These days, even men are prone to attacks while being mugged or acting as a witness and surely it is impossible for men to carry a pepper spray or a safety pin along with them. There is a better solution to this problem.

Have you ever considered carrying a flashlight along with you? It is of dual purpose. One is the obvious use as a light source. However, the interesting alternative use is that these can be used for self-defense. Although people underestimate the use of a flashlight, here is how flashlights are useful in this regard. Not just any flashlight but a good and powerful tactical flashlight is what will help you in your self-defense.

  1. It is helpful in identifying potential threats – In most cases, your attacker is going to attack you at night when there is no light, which makes it difficult for you to even understand from where you are being attacked. A good bright flashlight will help you identify your threat in low-lights, thereby eliminating the threat.
  2. It can be used to send SOS signals – Flashlights can also be used to send out SOS (save our souls) signals in times of distress. All you need to do is send out three short flashes, three long flashes, and three short flashes again.
  3. It helps to disorient your attackers at least momentarily – What happens when someone flashes a bright light on you all of sudden? Not just an attacker but even for you for that matter will feel a bit disoriented. Thus, it proves to be a useful strategy in self-defense.
  4. It acts as an improvised weapon – Some of the new tactical flashlights are mounted on a weapon-like tool that comes handy in cases of an emergency such as a device to strike your attackers down during an attack.
  5. It can be used for direct attacks – The last option is that you can simply use your flashlight to take a punch, hit your attacker, or use the sharper edge to stab your attacker.

So next time you ask yourself this question – “Should I upgrade my headlamps?” Then do not think twice, just do it as these will come in need at times you might not even imagine.