8 Can’t-Miss Tips for Your New Amazon Echo or Alexa Device

With great technology also comes great complexity and loss of privacy. Here are 8 tips to help you protect your private space when using the Amazon Echo or like-minded devices.

  1. Personalize Drop in: Drop-in is a feature which allows other Echo users to start a video call or an audio call even when you don’t answer the call. You obviously do want to control who you speak to and when. Using the related app on your phone you can customize who has the right to drop in on you and who is to be barred.
  2. Do not Disturb: You can once again enable this feature on your Echo to decide what messages, calls, and notifications you want to hear at a particular time and what you don’t want to hear. You can in fact set up auto on and off.
  3. Personalize the background: Since the Echo has a screen with a standard amazon photo you can change it with a picture of your liking from your Alexa
  4. Don’t forget to touch: Just because it is Alexa you don’t have to talk to it all the time; you can touch the screen to change the news, video or music you are listening to.
  5. You can take pictures: The Echo Show has a camera which can be instructed to click your photo whenever you want.
  6. Watch Videos: You can ask Alexa to show you YouTube videos of your choice and even go back or move ahead.
  7. Easy to go to the home screen: By just instructing Alexa to go home you can return to the home screen. Of course, you can click on Home on the device itself.
  8. Delete your questions: The content and devices page in Alexa’s privacy policy on the Amazon website you will find a record of every query you have asked. You can delete all that you need here and retain data space on your system.

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Tips Using Technology Boosts Seniors’ Self Esteem

Today technology has made it possible to finally slow down and focus on one’s health. There is a growing awareness of the need for establishing a fitness routine. You can find reviews about popular supplements in WeKratom website. Such supplements can act as catalysts in helping your diet and fitness routines work. Staying healthy when you are young would ensure that you are fit even when you grow old.

Technology can be used in many ways. It can be a boon for the elderly. It can be used to improve the quality of their lifestyle. It can also make the home convenient for them. Besides the plenty of other benefits tech can also play a role in boosting the self-esteem of the elderly.

Staying connected

With the help of technology, the elders would be able to stay connected with their loved ones. This improves their emotional health and can build their self-esteem as well.

Safety gives confidence

Tech can be used to create a safe haven for the elderly. They would have the assurance that they are safe in their home and this assurance gives them confidence. It also removes fear and allows them to live their lives during their senior years in peace.

Allows them to follow their passion

Each person has a forgotten hobby or skill. If job and family kept them too busy to follow their passion all their life they can dig it out again in their senior years. Right from finding remote support jobs to running a business to learning new skills there is so much that the elderly can do with the help of internet. This can be a great way to keep their days occupied and their self-esteem soaring.


Tech makes the elderly feel more independent. This sense of freedom is something that is very important for their self-esteem.