Top 10 SEO Trends That Will Influence Digital Marketing

SEO plays a very important role in digital marketing.SEO company Glasgow focuses on what makes people come to your website or to your articles and blogs. You need to adhere to the rules or else you will see that the web traffic to your website has dropped significantly.

The top trends in SEO that will influence digital marketing are:

Voice search

The voice search services and the virtual assistants do an organic search and make recommendations. If you can optimize the keywords then this will measure success. To get to the top position you need to get an exact match of the phrasing

Remove the news articles that are not credible

The search engines prevent the media criticism. This is where fake news are published on the website and where scammers get into the picture stating themselves as genuine. The content should thus be well researched and from credible sources too.

Mobile algorithm

The business will have to review its mobile ranking as well and made adjustments like page speed and designs.

Structured snippets

If your content is of top rank then the users should get that information without even having to enter your website.

Video engagement

Video content is popular and the search engines are going to recognize the user behavior and reward content that the user will prefer

Social media

The content will slowly have to be optimized for social media platforms as much as they are optimizing themselves for the search engines.

Influence marketing

This will let the influencing marketer land into the links of high level effectively. This is different from just getting a direct conversion.

Creating awareness campaigns

Blogging and vlogging are the ways to spread awareness and this is widely used and is effective than the print advertising.


It is not about producing content regularly anymore but of producing quality content to enjoy a better rank in the search engine.

Content-rich media

Add video and graphics to the content and do not just focus on writing the content of say 600 to 1000 words. Shorten the content but make it to the point.…

Five Ways Technology Is Changing Event Planning

Event management is a profitable field. People love to throw lavish parties and make the whole event fun and engaging for the guests. But then people do not have the time to organize the whole event. Also finding the professionals for each area like the decorations, catering and more gets a bit tedious. This is where event planners come into the picture. Event planning is a field that has evolved leaps and bounds in the recent years. But technology is now changing the way event planning works and is making it even better. The result is that it is making the whole process simpler for the event planner and also helps them create the exact results as required by each customer. Today right from a simple task like finding a cheap gucci wallet to the organization of a large event, everything can be done from your home.

Whether it is to plan a casual party for a family or for planning and organizing a technical event or a formal event like conferences, event planning process can be revolutionized with the use of technology.

  1. VR for finding the best venue

Planners can now inspect the venue choices through VR tech without physically visiting each venue.

  1. Security measures

Security measures can be tightened by using facial recognition. This can help track the faces in the venue to identify any person who is not on the guest list.

  1. Better interactions at the event

Interactions at the events especially ones like conferences can be made better by providing a tablet for the audience to post their questions.

  1. Chatbots for providing a walkthrough

Right from providing the agenda to giving a brief about the conference or even for quick notes and questions chatbots could be used.

  1. Translators and interpreters

Live translation can be done in real time with the help of a translation service. These could be integrated into an app where the participants can listen to the audio in a language of their choice.…

Here’s How You Can See and Delete Your Google Search History

Increasing dependency on the search engines for procuring and finding, the information we need has made us vulnerable in many ways. There are times when we feel numb without the smartphones, the GPS, the apps and of course other social media. Imagine Google that is synonymous with our life, stores every word we type in the search engines. The fear of personal information being stored, shared and marketed haunts many of us, and we feel exposed. Best way people realized is to restrict the online exposure and proactively safeguard the information.

  • minimizing the ways were marketing people use your profile or other data to advertise their products is one way to reduce online presence and giving out contact numbers and e-mail addresses while browsing
  • delete your browser history while accessing the Google search engine, mind it even if you use the incognito web, you cannot be completely anonymous, hence keep a tab on your browser history
  • you cannot imagine that other search engines that might not be as popular as Google, do not share online information though they are less known, you can find more information here with new standard for online privacy and data sharing
  • map activity, location and other whereabouts of you is right up there in the search engine history, delete them frequently to avoid the location being picked up
  • the stop saving activity in the Google privacy settings will avoid the online activity, and the passwords so that you can re-login

Saved passwords, and previous history will be completely wiped off once you choose the activity control from your computers, hence remember to save your important information safely for future access. As the trust factor is slowly diminishing, major search engine and social media giants are doing their bit to clear off the history and not add in more data junk.…

7 Best Learning Toys For Babies

Choosing a toy for a baby depends on the baby’s age and learning requirements. For the young babies and infants, rattles, teethers, and other such simple toys are great to encourage their grasping ability. Toys are great for entertaining the babies and also to encourage a play way method of learning various skills. If you are confused about choosing the right toy for your baby here are 7 useful learning toys –

  1. Shape sorters

Depending on the kid’s age there are various types of shape sorters of various complexities to explore.

  1. Jigsaw puzzles

The number of pieces in the jigsaw puzzle might be less for the younger kids. There are huge puzzles which can tickle even an adult’s brain.

  1. Stacking rings

Ring stacking again is something that children of all age groups would love to play with. This can be used to teach colors as well as the comparison of sizes.

  1. Blocks

Blocks continue to be the most popular choice among parents looking for toys encouraging creativity in kids. There are chunky blocks for younger babies who put everything in their mind. And there are theme-based models for the older kids.

  1. Musical books this is a page that would give you a list of some of the popular musical books for babies. The music can keep the kid engaged while the kid also learns so much from the books.

  1. Dolls and playhouses

These are the best pretend play activities for kids. Pretend to play with dolls and dollhouses can help enhance social skills and communication in children.

  1. Flashcards

Flash cards are great learning aids. There are some huge flash cards for the younger babies as well. These are also handy to carry while traveling and there are many ways in which parents could use flash cards to teach different concepts to their kids.

Top 10 Everyday Uses of Biotechnology

Although the term biotechnology has had many heads turn over the past few years, its existence goes a long way back. You can find the uses of biotechnology in many fields and the fact that it is nothing new is even more interesting to find out the numerous uses it has. Here is a look at the ten most important and common uses of biotechnology in our lives.

  1. Food – You cannot live without food. From grafting to hybrid varieties to genetically modified (GM) crops, biotechnology has changed the face of the food industry.
  2. Drinks – Be it wines, beer or any alcohol, the basic principle involved in their creation is fermentation using the right enzyme. If not for biotechnology, we would not be relishing these drinks now.
  3. Grocery – In addition to food, our lives come in contact with many different household goods including detergents, soaps, shampoos, cosmetics, etc. With increased dependence on natural and biodegradable products that are biologically safe, biotechnology plays an important role here.
  4. Personal Care – Biotechnology has also pitched in a lot towards personal care products such as sanitary napkins, baby products, nappies, etc.
  5. Textiles – Biotechnology is also known for playing a crucial role in creating fabrics of varied colors and textures. If not for synthetic dyes, polyesters, and biochemical tanning agents, our wardrobes would all probably look very much similar.
  6. Healthcare – There is no surprise to the fact how much biotechnology has contributed much to the healthcare industry. Right from pharmaceuticals, drugs, and innovative treatments, biotechnology has improved health in many ways. Check out Ouchclub for the latest news regarding the uses of biotechnology in healthcare.
  7. Packaging Materials – In a world where the ban on plastics is increasing, we are currently looking for alternatives and one such good option are bioplastics that are made from biopolymers. Hence, if not for biotechnology, safe packaging would not be possible.
  8. Fuel – With the depletion of the non-renewable resources, it is only feasible to continue living according to the present standards if we look for alternative sources of energy that does not deplete any further resources or cause additional pollution. Hence, if biotechnology had not introduced the concept of biodiesels, we will soon have to depend on horsebacks and bullock carts soon.
  9. Chemicals – Biotechnology has contributed to the creation of safer chemicals such as biodegradable fertilizers, natural compost, biogas, etc.
  10. Heating & Cooling Systems – Biotechnology has also contributed towards efficient systems of home or office heating and cooling systems with the help of bio-refineries, biofuels, methane gas, etc.